Weaning and Introducing Gluten 

My coeliac disease is genetic, my sister has it, my eldest son has it and my mum probably had it too. When I weaned my son back in 2003, I did so in line with the NHS guidelines at the time, which were vastly different to current guidelines. Looking back my son wasn’t ready to be weaned but it was a different time and we … Continue reading Weaning and Introducing Gluten 

Gluten Free Berry Cheesecake – Tesco 

Yes it’s almost ten o’clock at night and I’m eating gluten cheesecake like it’s going out of fashion! That’s the type of Monday I’ve had, complete with sleeping in after being up most of the night, poo explosions (so not mine), running mega late to baby group and leaving the house without any money.  So why am I eating and reviewing Christmas cheesecake two weeks … Continue reading Gluten Free Berry Cheesecake – Tesco 

Profiteroles by Rule of Crumb 

This is the product I’m reviewing today, much to the delight of my 14 year old son who loves anything sweet. I must confess, I don’t normally do sweet things like this especially as it’s not made by me. If I’m going to have a desert then I will normally make it myself.  I purchased these profiteroles by Rule of Crumb from my local morrisons … Continue reading Profiteroles by Rule of Crumb