Annie’s Gluten Weaning Six Weeks in 

I think I’m paranoid! If my baby cries, sneezes, has a runny nose, fills her nappy, sleeps too long, sleeps not enough I automatically think – is it the gluten? Does she have coeliac disease?  Motherhood is hard anyway, I’m forever second guessing my actions but throw in bad genes, one child who has already been ill and my own illness, I’m constantly on edge. … Continue reading Annie’s Gluten Weaning Six Weeks in 

Annie’s Gluten Trial Week 2

I had Annie weighted and measured on the 20th January, she was a whooping 1 stone 7lb and 72cm long. This puts her on the 91st percentile for both height and weight. Although she is large for her age she is completely in proportion. She started eating gluten the next day, so far she has had fruit toast, crumpets, waffles, breakfast cereals, baby biscuits and … Continue reading Annie’s Gluten Trial Week 2

Annie’s Weaning Gluten Trial

Two set backs already without even trying any actual gluten yet. As if by magic Annabelle woke up on Monday morning full of snot, although she appears fine in herself no temperature or grumps. I hoping I can still introduce gluten on Saturday as planned but I will have to see how she is. I’m still planning on getting her weighed and measured but (set … Continue reading Annie’s Weaning Gluten Trial

Weaning and Introducing Gluten 

My coeliac disease is genetic, my sister has it, my eldest son has it and my mum probably had it too. When I weaned my son back in 2003, I did so in line with the NHS guidelines at the time, which were vastly different to current guidelines. Looking back my son wasn’t ready to be weaned but it was a different time and we … Continue reading Weaning and Introducing Gluten