Annie’s Gluten Weaning Six Weeks in 

I think I’m paranoid! If my baby cries, sneezes, has a runny nose, fills her nappy, sleeps too long, sleeps not enough I automatically think – is it the gluten? Does she have coeliac disease? 

Motherhood is hard anyway, I’m forever second guessing my actions but throw in bad genes, one child who has already been ill and my own illness, I’m constantly on edge. I need to relax more and just let her enjoy her food. 

Despite my paranoia Annie is actually doing really well, she is loving her food! She’s still gaining weight and growing normally within her percentile. She’s past the sleep regression that hit at 8 months and is now getting a solid 12 hours sleep most nights, which is wonderful and a welcome development (Thank you God). She even hit a big milestone at nine months – she started walking! 

She does however have a runny nose all the time. I’m putting this down to her crawling and walking about, putting everything in her mouth, including the food on the shared plate at baby group. We had to avoid this previously due to her following a gluten free diet, but now Annie is like the other children who will take a fist full of food, chew it, then put it back on the plate in case anyone else want a lick! 

The other thing I had to deal with is the urge to lick my fingers after cutting her food up, or steal a chip when her food comes. I’ve not had to deal with that before, normally gluten food and I don’t cross paths. It’s a learning curve.
So learning points for me relax and stop licking your fingers!  

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