Annie’s Gluten Trial Week 2

I had Annie weighted and measured on the 20th January, she was a whooping 1 stone 7lb and 72cm long. This puts her on the 91st percentile for both height and weight. Although she is large for her age she is completely in proportion.

She started eating gluten the next day, so far she has had fruit toast, crumpets, waffles, breakfast cereals, baby biscuits and cheese spread sandwiches. I’m very jealous of all the nice smelling food she is now getting to eat. 

There has been no change in the nappy department and she seems to be handling the gluten well. Two things that have changed, which may not be linked are 

  • A major sleep regression. She has never been a good sleeper, we often joke that she believes sleep is for wimps. But the last week has been awful she is currently going to bed at about 8 then waking at 12ish, 2ish and then 5ish! Not only is she waking up but she is taking a full bottle at 12 and 2. At 5 I tend to give in and get up and feed her breakfast. 
  • She has also started playing with her food more and spitting it out (much to the delight of the people around her). She has always been a really good eater but now prefers to play with it.

I’m not sure if these changes are linked to her eating gluten or if they are just part of her normal development. I’m hoping for the later but only time will tell. 

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