Weaning and Introducing Gluten 

My coeliac disease is genetic, my sister has it, my eldest son has it and my mum probably had it too. When I weaned my son back in 2003, I did so in line with the NHS guidelines at the time, which were vastly different to current guidelines. Looking back my son wasn’t ready to be weaned but it was a different time and we had never even heard of coeliac disease let alone known we were all carrying the genetic markers for it. This time around I’m more informed and I have the power of the internet in pocket for information so I’m determined to do things differently. 

I’ve read loads of information and reasources about when is the best time to introduce gluten and basically there is no one answer to that question. Some experts and parents believe gluten should be introduced as soon as weaning starts at 6 months and they should eat loads to see if they react. Other experts and parents believe the introducing of gluten should be delayed until all other foods are well established and your baby is fully weaned apart from gluten. 

You must do what feels right for you and your baby, don’t feel pushed in to doing anything you are not comfortable doing. You don’t want to add further stress to weaning by feeling pressured, babies are really good at picking up on your stress levels. 

What felt right to me and my daughter was waiting until she was fit and well (not teething or full of cold) and all the other food groups were established. That time is now fastly approaching after teething for months and having a cold last week, I now have a fit baby who can eat for England, she clearly takes after her father in that respect.

So next week I’m going to get Annie measured and weighed and then I’ll start feeding her gluten. I’m very nervous about this especially after seeing the effect of gluten on my son.

I’m planning on starting her small with a slice of toast with an egg cup (recipe on site) for breakfast to see how she goes and we’ll go from there. She will naturally eat a reduced gluten diet because I don’t have a lot of gluten in our house.

In preparation for having a gluten eater in the house I need to invest in some more toaster bags so I’ve ordered these Kitchen Craft Non-Stick Pack of 2 Reusable Toaster Bags I’ve ordered two packs, one pack for gluten toast and I’m going to get creative with the others to see what I can make with them. So look out for the upcoming recipes using the bags. 

Fingers crossed she will be okay with gluten but even if she shows no reaction straight away unfortunately that doesn’t mean that she will be free from coeliac disease for life. It can develop at any time, mine developed in my thirties my son was probably around 9 years old when his symptoms began. 

Wish us luck x

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