Gluten Free Berry Cheesecake – Tesco 

Yes it’s almost ten o’clock at night and I’m eating gluten cheesecake like it’s going out of fashion! That’s the type of Monday I’ve had, complete with sleeping in after being up most of the night, poo explosions (so not mine), running mega late to baby group and leaving the house without any money. 

So why am I eating and reviewing Christmas cheesecake two weeks after Christmas I hear you ask. Well for two reasons, one it’s amazingly delicious and BIG NEWS Tesco have started selling this as part of their normal gluten free range WOOP WOO although they have dropped the Christmas from its name. I highly recommend it and no unfortunately Tesco have not paid me to say that. 

Looks nothing like the one on the box but tastes wonderful
Seriously good cheesecake

I’ve had to fight my 14 year old son for the last slice, everyone including my gluten eating partner loved it. Not sure how it serves 6 though!

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